About Donna

Donna brings knowledge from her Daoist studies

About Donna

Donna studied Shiatsu on the three year diploma course at the Bristol School of Shiatsu. This contained various diagnostic tools, Chinese Medicine theory, Zen Shiatsu Theory, Transformational Shiatsu, Meridians, Accu points, Physiology, Anatomy and Pathology.

She is a qualified Qi Gong teacher and runs several classes across the Bristol and South Gloucestershire area. She is affiliated with the Lotus Nei Gong School of Daoist Arts.

Her Daoist studies include Taiqi Quan, Shaolin, Nei Gong, Daoist Alchemy, Chinese Medicine, Women Specific Practices, Yi Jing and Meditation.

She also has a BA(hons) degree in Philosophy.

Donna is a fully registered and insured Shiatsu practitioner.

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