Your path in Life

Find the way onto your destined path in life

Your path in Life

Within Daoist Philosophy resides the concept of the “Ming” which is the path in life from our birth through to our death. If this path is to be smooth and long we need to reconnect with our purpose. Unhappiness, unease and stress can lead to ill health and a feeling of not getting where we’d like to be. Balancing our nature can return us to a path in life that is in tune with our true nature;  reclaiming your true talents and abilities. And conversely returning to our destined path creates happiness, balance, reduced stress and increased health. This is a path of spiritual alchemy where you refine yourself and your life experiences into the purest form of you so that you can do what you were meant to do.  Being on your “Ming” path is about much more than a having a career, a hobby or making money. It is about living your “Dao”.  The word Dao is usually translated as meaning a path, but the earliest pictogram showed “A Face, Running on a Road.” The face  refers to the Daoist concept of returning to your original face, which involves reclaiming your true talents, abilities and personality. Allowing these talents and abilities to reemerge activates your potential, what the Daoists call “P’u,” which leads to the ability to act upon it in a virtuous way using your inner wisdom.


The “Ming” path is a journey of self discovery that leads you to your destiny or fate. However, your Ming is not completely predetermined or preordained. You have the ability to choose opportunities within the boundaries of your existence and based on the surroundings and circumstances of your life. Employing your wisdom and an understanding of when to let go of controlling tendencies leads to a flow that nourishes and fulfills. The ultimate goal of returning to your path is the fulfillment that comes from returning to your sacred and intrinsic self as you live your life your way and give the world the true you.

IMG_0562Maybe you’ve deviated from your path for all sorts of reasons and this has created a dissatisfaction or stress or illness. Life, like water, needs to flow; fear stagnates, and people get stuck in situations that are stagnant. Shiatsu can be seen as a journey to discover your way back on to your destined path in life.